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How Can Attitude Determine Your Destiny?

PlantingSeedofAttitude-BruceRaineAttitude Determines Destiny is not only the title of my book, but it’s reality! Attitude is everything!

In order to have the right attitude, most of us need to make personal change, we need to develop a plan for improvement. There is not one perfect plan: read and study different material and then take what works for you from each source to form your own plan.

Change can happen overnight or over a long time. No matter how long it takes, personal growth can be one of the most powerful forces in life. Your life will be better as you put your plan into practice.

If we want to make positive changes, we must take action. Some advice will not make sense at first or may not seem to bear fruit for a long time, but if we want change, we will follow it anyway. Consider the following example:

Let’s grow flowers from seeds…

Here’s how we do it:

Human Action Steps

  1. We picture in our mind what the flowers will look like.
  2. We purchase the seeds.
  3. We prepare the soil.
  4. We plant the seeds.
  5. We water the seeds.
  6. We weed the garden.

Steps 1 through 6 give us no immediate feedback.

Natural Results

  1. Seeds sprout in 7 – 10 days.
  2. Flowers bloom in 30 – 45 days.
  3. Once the flowers bloom, they just keep coming.

LifeWillBloom-BruceRaineLife is similar. If we want a wonderful life, we need good self-discipline. We may need to work for a long time even when we receive no visible results. Then all of a sudden, life will bloom, and it will be wonderful.

To have a successful life, we need to work on it like we do on the garden. We begin by picturing what we want our lives to look like. This can come as a result of prayer or meditation. Then we take the necessary preparatory steps to lay the foundation for our lives: we need to set goals to achieve our dreams. We practice self-discipline as we strive toward our goals when we receive no immediate positive results. Once we have set a solid foundation for life, we will continue to receive positive results for a long time. The earlier in life we begin this work, the more time we will have to reap the benefits. But it is never too late to begin.

How Do You Spend Your Energy?

EmployeeAttitude-BruceRaineI recently had some discussions with a management team dealing with employees with poor attitudes. They described how the employees had put so little energy into what they were supposed to do yet they spent so much energy getting around the rules. The team explained that if these people spent their energy trying to do their jobs as well as they could, they would make the workday a better experience for themselves and for everyone around them.

Our attitude affects not only us, but also those around us – our spouse or partner, family members, friends, co-workers, clerks in stores, waitresses and others. The good news is that we get to choose our own attitude! We don’t inherit it from our parents and then can never change it. We can choose attitudes that will give us the greatest satisfaction in life. The best one will contribute greater enjoyment to those around us also.

I’m not saying that we should choose a selfish attitude and try to make only ourselves happy. This is short-sighted and leads to a great deal of unhappiness down the road. Instead, we can choose an Attitude of Gratitude and be thankful for everything in our lives. Adopting this attitude will eliminate many of the small problems that are encountered daily. Not adopting this attitude means that we will spend a great deal of energy overcoming minor difficulties.

It is a simple choice that we can make every day in every situation.

This is an excerpt from my book Attitude Determines Destiny. In it you will learn how to get the most out of life by changing your attitude and making personal changes…changes that can lead you down a life-long path of personal growth.

As a motivational speaker, I conduct seminars and workshops based upon the ideas in my book. I will entertain and inspire your audiences, and I can customize my topics to fit your needs and desires.

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