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What are the Opportunities in Direct Selling?

Direct Selling - Bruce Raine SpeakerDirect selling is a huge part of the market for products in the world. To give you an example of how important it is, in 2011 in the United States alone the direct selling market was approximately $30 billion and there were over 15 million people involved.

This is a great opportunity to get into a new career because you can start part time. While many people see this as only a chance to make some extra money, it is much greater than that.

I see two big opportunities through direct selling…

  1. Potential for independence – This means that you should look at this not as a part time job but as a potential full time business.

By applying yourself to direct selling you could earn enough to be your own independent business.

You could be free of a job and be your own boss. While this is the dream of many people, it is seldom realized because starting a business looks so ominous. You have to learn so much and risk so much to get started. That is not the case with direct selling.

You can start your own business on a small scale and learn the ropes. As you become more successful and grow you will continue to learn the business and grow into being self employed.

  1. Potential for personal growth – The other important advantage of direct selling is that you can grow as a person and leader. By this I mean that direct selling companies want you to succeed. Therefore they support you in many ways such as managing your business, marketing and leadership skills which you will need as your business grows. The direct selling companies will do everything they can to help you succeed because that is how they succeed.

Become Independent

Success with Direct Selling - Bruce Raine Speaker.pngPersonally I think that direct selling is a great way to get started in becoming financially independent.

One of the key characteristics of direct selling is flexibility. You can do what you want, where you want, when you want, how you want and with whom you want. Since you are your own boss you can chose your hours, the level of involvement, where you sell and the people that you choose to work with. You are definitely independent as a direct seller.

The image of direct selling has been greatly enhanced by the DSA Code of Ethics. The industry has worked hard to clean up the old image and today is a much better place for both seller and buyer.

For more information contact the Direct Selling Association. This organization is the national trade association of the leading firms involved in direct selling. The membership includes over 200 of the major direct selling companies in the United States.

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