Improving Self Confidence

How Can You Improve Your Self Confidence?

ImproveSelfConfidence-BruceRaineConfidence comes from knowing that God made us and is with us in all that we do. Spirit gives us self-confidence.

Suppose that we believe God made us perfect human beings and that God loves us and wants us to be happy more than anything else in the whole universe. Think of the self-image and self-confidence we would possess knowing that God made us and loves us no matter what we’ve ever done in our lives. To me, the greatest message of the Christian church is that God loves us eternally, and God forgives us. Now that is a powerful message.

Use Positive Affirmations to Build Self Confidence

When I was struggling with my self-image, my therapist told me to write down positive affirmations and to repeat them daily to reprogram my mind. I did this, and it worked – my mind sent me positive messages instead of negative messages. But the mind is like a computer and simply does what it’s told without emotion. Reprogramming my mind helped, but it was only part of the change that I needed.

Later, my therapist told me to imagine that God made me and that he wants me to be happy. He said to picture that when I was born, I was a perfect image of God. However, my parents (who were not perfect) raised me, and they unintentionally taught me that I was unworthy and unlovable. I had a choice: I could hold on to the beliefs that my parents taught me, or I could replace them with new beliefs. How wonderful it is to believe that I was created by God in his own image and that he wants me to be all that I can be. Let me tell you that once I changed my beliefs, my self-image changed radically, and my self-confidence went through the roof. If God loves me, then what does it matter what any person thinks about me.

Overcoming Inner Conflict

TheBestAttitude-BruceRaineThis is an example of how my subconscious mind was in conflict with my Spirit. The conflict lasted for many years in which I struggled to find peace. I knew that I had some kind of disturbance inside, but I didn’t know what it was until my therapist helped me. Once I aligned my subconscious mind and my Spirit, my world changed dramatically.

In our next article, we’ll talk about Using Inspiration to Build Self-Confidence.

This is an excerpt from Bruce’s book “Attitude Determines Destiny”. 

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