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Build Self Confidence

The month after the backpacking trip, I was amazed at what I had accomplished. I started to look for other challenges, not competing against other people, but simply against myself. What else could I accomplish that I thought was impossible for me to do?

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Determine Your Destiny

Attitude Determines Destiny is not only the title of my book, but it’s reality! Attitude is everything! If we want to make positive changes, we must take action. Some advice will not make sense at first or may not seem to bear fruit for a long time, but if we want change, we will follow it anyway. Consider the following example…

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Change Your Attitude

We don’t know when we are going to die, and we don’t get to decide how it will happen.

Unfortunately, we are dying from the day we are born. The question to ask isn’t “When are we going to die?” but “How are we going to live before we die?”

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How to be Positive

Become Positive With My 30-Day Challenge Here is something very concrete that you can do to change your attitude: For the next thirty days, work on improving your attitude in one specific area of your life. Pick just one thing that you would like to change and work on it for thirty days. Once you […]

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Change My Attitude

We need to manage our thoughts every day, every minute of every day. We need to take this action on a regular basis and not just when something is bothering us. Usually we are not aware of our attitude so managing it in advance is beneficial. But, like any management tool it works best if we do it on an ongoing basis. If we were to take time every day to develop a great attitude we would have dramatic effects within a short period of time.

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