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Challenge Yourself

When I was younger, I did not have the courage to try new things. I played it safe by only doing what I knew I could achieve. If I tried something new, I had low expectations of what I cold do and settled for poor results. I wasn’t competitive because I had little self-confidence.

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Speaking on Achieving Your Potential

Do you have any idea what your potential might be?

I would say that no one knows his or her true potential because it’s limitless. It’s fun to learn about our potential. This is one of the reasons why I recommend that we set goals. Our periodic review of our goals will show us our progress toward realizing our potential.

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Speaking on Faith

One of the greatest motivators in my life has been faith that what I’m doing is God’s will for me.

This may sound strange to you, but when I was a child of about five, God spoke to me and told me that I was to be a teacher. As an Adult, when I was a professor, every day that I went into class, I remembered that this was what God wanted me to do.

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Make a Difference - Bruce Raine

Make a Difference

As I was walking along the beach at dawn, I noticed a young man ahead of me picking up starfish and flinging them into the ocean. Finally, I caught up with the youth and asked him why he was doing this.

The answer was that the…

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Determination to Swim - Bruce Raine


One summer a little boy went to spend his vacation with his family at a seaside cottage. The little boy was 5 at the time and he was excited to learn how to swim. When they arrived he opened the car door and ran to the beach to see the ocean.

His aunt Joyce walked up beside him and asked him

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