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Build Self Confidence

The month after the backpacking trip, I was amazed at what I had accomplished. I started to look for other challenges, not competing against other people, but simply against myself. What else could I accomplish that I thought was impossible for me to do?

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Challenge Yourself

When I was younger, I did not have the courage to try new things. I played it safe by only doing what I knew I could achieve. If I tried something new, I had low expectations of what I cold do and settled for poor results. I wasn’t competitive because I had little self-confidence.

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Success in Life

Do you know what a successful life looks like? Not for me or someone else, but for you. What does a good life look like for you? Each of us is different. We must each determine what we want in life in order to find true happiness. Although we might share some ideas with others, our life is and should always be unique.

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Personal Introspection

Life is full of distractions…Unfortunaltely, is is very difficult in our present day of instant communications to find the time for personal introspection. Strangely enough, today’s instant communication devices were supposed to save us time and free us up to enjoy our lives. But instead, they often consume our lives. And although we have better communication devices, we have worse communication.

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Good Health Journey

What is your attitude about good health? Your first step to good health begins with your attitude.
The idea that good health gives us freedom and energy seems like such a simple one. However, many of us in North America don’t seem to realize it.

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Personal Change

“We should always pursue perfection, we just might reach excellence” – Vince Lombardi

Let’s talk about a simple process that we can use to make changes to our lives. This process works in any part of life where repetition leads to success, such as…

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Goal Setting Process

I used this strategy after I retired to give my live new direction. I felt a bit lost because I wasn’t living with purpose. I had this gnawing feeling that I wasn’t doing what God wanted. I’ve always been good with the process of goal setting, so I didn’t really examine the method I was using as I tried to figure out what y new goals should be.

One day I woke up and realized that I was trying to set my goals backwards.

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Goal Setting

The Best Time to Set Goals Was Yesterday, The Second Best Time is Now!

GoalSetting-BruceRaineWhere are you going?

Where do you want to go?

Many people are unable to answer these questions because they’ve never thought about them. They get up and go about their lives like they have no choice about what they do. They just float down the river of life and go wherever the current takes them. That will not get us where we want to go, assuming we even know where that is.

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Determine Your Destiny

Attitude Determines Destiny is not only the title of my book, but it’s reality! Attitude is everything! If we want to make positive changes, we must take action. Some advice will not make sense at first or may not seem to bear fruit for a long time, but if we want change, we will follow it anyway. Consider the following example…

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