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Build Self Confidence

The month after the backpacking trip, I was amazed at what I had accomplished. I started to look for other challenges, not competing against other people, but simply against myself. What else could I accomplish that I thought was impossible for me to do?

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Improving Self Confidence

Confidence comes from knowing that God made us and is with us in all that we do. Spirit gives us self-confidence.

Suppose that we believe God made us perfect human beings and that God loves us and wants us to be happy more than anything else in the whole universe. Think of the self-image and self-confidence we would possess knowing that God made us and loves us no matter what we’ve ever done in our lives.

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Live for Today

I wasted many years of my life because I lived in the past. I always felt cheated because my family and my childhood weren’t happy and fun. How naive I was to think that everyone had happy childhoods except me! It took years of counseling to get over my past and to start living in the present.

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Believe in Yourself

It would be great if we had a device like a bathroom scale that we could use to measure self-confidence or belief in yourself. We could measure how much we believed in ourselves at various times along the way to our goal to see if we were improving in self-confidence. That would also help us to determine if we needed to work on our self-confidence in some way.

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