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Success in Life

Do you know what a successful life looks like? Not for me or someone else, but for you. What does a good life look like for you? Each of us is different. We must each determine what we want in life in order to find true happiness. Although we might share some ideas with others, our life is and should always be unique.

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Determination to Swim - Bruce Raine


One summer a little boy went to spend his vacation with his family at a seaside cottage. The little boy was 5 at the time and he was excited to learn how to swim. When they arrived he opened the car door and ran to the beach to see the ocean.

His aunt Joyce walked up beside him and asked him

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Is your motivational tank empty? Fill it up with GAS.

You can make a dramatic change in your life in just 30 days! Let’s say you would like to run two miles without having a heart attack. Or maybe you would like to learn to be able to make cold calls and feel comfortable doing it.

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