Inspiration and Self Confidence

How Inspiration Helps Build Self Confidence

Inspiration comes from our Spirit and gives us the confidence to act on our beliefs.

LackofSelfConfidence-BruceRaineSpeakerIn our last article we discussed Improving Your Self Confidence. Today, we’ll discuss how powerful inspiration is when building self confidence.

Insecurity is the opposite of inspiration and certainly doesn’t lead to much self-confidence. If we are insecure, we doubt our self worth or our abilities, and we will lack confidence to act on what’s inside us. Insecurity causes people to look to things outside themselves to give their lives meaning and purpose. Unfortunately, because many parents don’t know how to be good parents, they cause their children to be insecure and to lack the self-confidence to go out into the world on their own.

Tap Into the Power of Inspiration

The most powerful aspect of all that the Spirit gives us is inspiration. A person who is inspired has tons of energy and drive. They have self-confidence, they believe that they’re doing what they were designed to do, and they’re practically guaranteed to be successful. Don’t get in the way of an inspired person because there is no stopping him. Right or wrong, that person will succeed because he’s certain that what he’s doing is what he was meant to do.

Inspiration plays a big part in finding our purpose in life. If we want to have a significant life, we can do all the research and soul searching in the world, but until we get truly inspired, we won’t find our true purpose. Just think of the last time we did something that we were truly inspired to do. We forgot to eat. We forgot the time. We forgot our duties that we were supposed to do because we were just so lost in that activity that the rest of the world ceased to exist to us. When I go to the theater and paint sets, this happens to me. One day I had to paint a scene of a street in London. For about four hours, I was completely lost in the task, and absolutely nothing existed to me except what I was doing. Before I knew it, it was getting late, way past quitting time, and I hadn’t eaten or even thought of eating during that time.

InspirationBuildsSelfConfidence-BruceRaineSpeakerThose are the experiences of life that we never forget because we would like to get them back or to duplicate them in some way. I can remember some of those moments from my life. I hope you’ve had a lot of those moments in your life. We can tap into the power of inspiration and make it happen more often if we want. We just need to get in touch with our Spirit and communicate our desires to find what we were designed to do. Then we listen for the response.

Listen for Inspiration

It is important to listen to our Spirit because it will tell us what we need to do rather than what we want to do. We may want to have a great day kayaking tomorrow, but we may not get to do that because the Spirit tells us that we need to spend time with our sick child. If we ignore the Spirit and go kayaking, we may have a terrible time because we are not inspired. On the other hand, if we spend the time with our sick child, we may experience one of the greatest moments in our relationship. We never know when these special moments will come up.

Our Spirit is a part of God living inside us. That means we can directly communicate with God anytime we want to exercise that connection. If God is for us, who can be against us? Just think of that! If part of God lives inside of each of us, and God wants us to be sucessful in life, all we have to do is learn to be in tune with God to have a wonderful life.

Belief in self is critical to achieving anything in life. This self-confidence will allow us to try new things and grow. Visualization is a wonderful tool for seeing what we want to become.

Our Spirit is also the source of our motivation and inspiration so it is important to be in touch with what is happening in our Spirit.

This is an excerpt from Bruce’s book “Attitude Determines Destiny”. 

As a motivational speaker, he conducts seminars and workshops based upon the ideas in his book. He entertains and inspires audiences wherever he goes.

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